11 April 2019: Meet ‘VOCA’!


Ladies and gentleman, meet ‘VOCA’ !

Aerial Vocations ltd is truly delighted to reveal our incredible new project…

‘VOCA’ is an Extra EA230 single seat monoplane, built in 1986 for unlimited aerobatic competitions and airshows.
She is lightweight (599kg) fast (220kts) and powerful, fitted with a modified 230 horsepower six litre engine with systems that allow prolonged inverted flight and high ‘g’ manoeuvres. Stressed to a design strength of +/-10g, with an ultimate structural limit of +/-23g!
She is fitted with a very effective smoke system for painting fluffy white lines in the sky as she goes about her work.

Aerial Vocations ltd is beyond excited, to have negotiated her purchase and is currently developing a business plan in order to show her both locally and nationally, privately and eventually publicly.

VOCA is designed for one thing and she does it well.
In 1986 she was a world beater, top of the class and a winner. She has been left behind in terms of unlimited class competitions with material developments and more powerful engines, she is now almost a classic. There were only nineteen ever made before the high quality of wood required became unobtainable. They have been called the ‘Stradivarius of aeroplanes’ because of the exquisite wood working that lurks under the wing covering.
Just three 230’s remain in the United Kingdom. She might not win unlimited level competitions anymore, but she is just perfect as a classic show machine.

She will be marketed as an affordable, and accessible private and public display aircraft, offering a standard 8 minute routine for just £895.00 plus an ‘at cost’ transit fee depending on distance from operating base. Full details and a brochure can be supplied on request

The remainder of 2019 will be used to develop the routine, gain proficiency and CAA display approvals.

It is planned that we will ‘go commercial’ and ready to accept bookings for early 2020.

Interest from corporate sponsors is now invited, and full details can be supplied on request. An early entry offer is currently available.

Please direct all enquiries to aerialvocations@gmail.com

using subject title: VOCA SPONSORSHIP


This is a unique opportunity in Scotland and sponsorship options are limited, don’t miss out!


Smoke on…GO!

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